We stock a wide range of frames for you to choose from and have a long standing rapport with all our major suppliers, so in the unlikely event of us not displaying what you are looking for, we will be able to source you the ideal frame.

It helps us greatly when the customer knows roughly what they are looking for prior to visiting our showroom as there are many factors to consider when picking a frame, such as, is it a gift for someone else, what type of room will it hang in, the colour scheme of the walls and furnishings or is it to match a frame that already hangs in your home.

Either way we will be there to advise you in all aspects of your decision making.

we have a frame for every budget

No matter what you are framing be it a master piece or a doodle from the kids, getting it framed needn't be expensive, We can provide the perfect frame to enhance and protect your pride and joy to be admired for years to come. Of course we can supply a more expensive frame but here at Hutton Fine Art our aim is to make framing more affordable and available to everyones budget

      Click                              to view the range of frames from just one of our main suppliers.

Don't forget if you see a particular frame you like on this link it's always a good idea to take a note of its order number before you phone or come into the showroom as it can allow us to give you a price.


We also provide a repair service from re-stringing to replacing broken glass, even sometimes we can repair a damaged frame.

So no matter what the problem may be don't despair. Bring it along to us and we will see what we can do to help you out.